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Our Tango Beginners Course is growing slowly!
Our goal is trying to create a group to learn tango of course
but also to meet and share our experience with new people,
I mean, being a real group of people who share the same passion.

We have our lessons for beginners
on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.30 pm
in Volver, Casa de Tango
Barska 26.

Come for a try, it’s for free!
And on Tuesday 18 of April at 6.30 pm
we are meeting for a small party, symbolic
where we can have a glass of wine, eating some snack,
talking about our sensations during this really beginning
of a never ending path.
And remember, as in life, don’t look
at a goal too far but try to get it with small steps
enjoying what you are doing today!!

Don’t think twice, next Tuesday 18 of April
at 6.30 pm in Barska 26.
Don’t miss this chance to have fun!