Your wedding’s first dance dancing tango!!

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The first dance in your wedding
is very important!
And why not choosing to dance
the most passionate one?
Here in Volver we prepare for you a Tango song
which you’re going to choose
(of course we can also do it for you if you prefer)
in your most important day of your life!
It can be for dancers but also for couples who don’t have
any experience.
The only thing we ask is your own effort
to learn and PRACTICE what you will choose to dance
(it’s extremely important)
in order to bring this memory
all along your life.
It’s good to prepare the dance on time,
enough to work without stress and
getting all the knowledge and details you need
(normally 3-4 months earlier your wedding).
If you think it can be your case
write an email at

or call the number


to get all info you need.