Tango dla początkujących znów w Volver !

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***English version below***

So, here we are again. After a dark time our lives return slowly to see the light again. Maybe in this time at home you thought to start to dance tango… What do you know about this dance from the very far away origins and in the meantime became so popular all over the world? What about a cozy place in a wonderful, peaceful neighborhood to learn it?

Stay tuned because Volver is going to open again its door and starting a beginners course! From 2 of June every Tuesday and Thursday at 20.15 in Barska 26, Agnieszka and Gianpio wait for you to start this trip together. You will fall in love with this beautiful dance and the place! Come, have fun, dance! If you are interested in attending classes you can write a message on the Facebook fan page “Volver Casa de Tango”.

Volver, tango made home.